Wind-Master Operational Wind Load Service Door


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Cookson offers a rolling service door that can be operated while under a wind load. Most rolling service doors are designed to withstand a specified wind load when closed but cannot operate under a wind load. The Wind-Master Operational Wind Load Service Door can be both opened and closed while being subjected to a 60 MPH wind. Don’t let the wind dictate when a door can be used. Cookson's Wind-Master Operational Wind Load Door can be used when most rolling doors have to remain in the open or closed position.


Most rolling doors utilize a curtain mounted windlock to engage the guide mounted windlock bar in order to retain the curtain in the guide when the door is subjected to a wind load. The engagement of the windlock and windlock bar creates extreme friction when a door is operated under a wind load.

Cookson designed a unique Roller Windlock to reduce the friction between the windlock and windlock bar allowing the door to operate under a wind load pressure. Heavy duty ball bearing rollers are used to allow the curtain to freely move up or down while subjected to wind pressure. The door will operate normally even when subjected to a heavy wind load.


The Wind-Master Operational Wind Load Service Door is available as a standard exterior service door or an insulated exterior service door. Either door offers the same Cookson commitment to quality and durability. All WindMaster doors are custom made to exact specifications and include Cookson standards such as a 50,000 life cycle design and a 2 year warranty.

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