Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Clean-Master 20 Pa


Tight Sealing and Fast Operating Speeds

The Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Clean-Master 20 Pa tightly seals door openings in clean room applications to prevent air movement, and the fast opening speed of up to 80″ per second greatly increases protection from contamination between two areas. Low-profile steel guide tracks are free of moving parts, promoting a pure environment. Stainless steel guide tracks are available for customers that demand the ultimate in clean.

Built-in Light Grid for Protection

Light gridStandard on the Clean-Master 20 Pa is a light grid built into the guide tracks up to 8’0″ high. Completely free of coil cords, the light grid provides a thorough wall of protection for personnel and equipment in the doorway, as compared to other doors that use only photocells. The light grid also eliminates the need for a panel reversing edge, which is typically vulnerable to damage, resulting in a reduction in maintenance and downtime. The absence of a coil cord eliminates a possible source of contaminants.

Optional UPS Emergency Battery Pack

DiagramA special UPS emergency battery pack is an option that provides peace-of-mind in case of a power failure. If power is lost to the door, the UPS emergency battery pack automatically opens the door once to allow personnel to quickly exit the area. This low maintenance design is free of springs, counterbalance systems and other high maintenance parts that are typically required for emergency opening. When the battery is low, an alarm sounds to signal time for a replacement. Replacing the battery is a simple process that takes just a few minutes. This option is only available with doors equipped with our 230 v / 1-phase HFCB control box.

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