Counter Fire Door

Known for its contemporary styling and reliable performance, Cookson's rolling counter fire doors provide the same degree of fire protection as the full-sized rolling service fire door. As with Cookson standard counter doors, counter fire doors are engineered with properly sized components and trim.

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Auto-Test Tube Motor Operation
A solution for strict dimensional limitations around the header or where aesthetics are required, Cookson’s Auto-Test Tube Motor Operated Counter Fire Door’s motor is located within the shaft assembly to neatly conceal the operator and drive components. Upon activation, it will close without losing spring tension or disengaging the operator drive mechanism, providing simple testing and resetting of the closing system.

Auto-Test Chain, Crank, and Motor Operation
Provides a controlled rate of descent not to exceed 12″ per second upon activation of the buildings’ fire alarm system or local detector. Ideal for applications requiring frequent testing or when it is difficult to access the operating mechanism, these doors will not release spring tension and can be tested frequently from floor level by facility personnel.

Simple-Test Chain, Crank, and Motor Operation
These counter fire doors are better suited when connection to an alarm system or local detector is not required. These fuselink activated doors do not release spring tension upon activation. Chain and crank applications are ideal when power is not available at the opening.

Push-Up Operation
The same fire protection you would expect from a Cookson Fire Door in a compact, push-up operated, counter door design. Fuselink activation initiates controlled doorclosure by releasing spring tension.

Cookson’s Rolling Counter Fore Doors Feature the Following

  • Governor controls automatic closing speed to 9″ to 12″ per second for Auto-Test chain, crank, and motor and Simple-Test chain and crank operated doors
  • Oil tempered torsion springs designed for 20,000 life cycles
  • Available for 3 hour, 1-1/2 hour and 3/4 hour ratings
  • Approved in sizes to 96 square feet not exceeding 14′ wide and 9′ high
  • Approved for all wall types (concrete, masonry, structural steel, structural steel with gypsum board, gypsum wall partition with minimum 16 gauge metal stud)
  • Testing doors in fully closed position will not damage mechanisms

Choice of Finishes

  • FinalCote Steel
  • ColorCote in 180 standard colors or unlimited custom colors
  • #4 polished stainless steel

Choice of Operation

  • Tube Motor
  • Motor
  • Chain
  • Crank
  • Push-Up – limit 9′ wide

See additional information above about Counter Fire Doors and contact Doors Express for more information.

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Model Number: FD10-P, FD10-2S, FD10-2A, FD10-3S, FD10-3A, FDO-S10, FDO-A10, FDOA10T


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