Ribbed Steel Model



The Ribbed Steel Model from Arm-R-Lite is a 24-gauge steel overhead sectional door available in either standard white or a custom color finish for an upgrade. Arm-R-Lite’s Ribbed Steel Model is available with reinforcing struts which helps it stand up to the rugged demands of industrial use. This model is a typical commercial model, however, it may also be used on residential applications.

  • Ribbed Pencil Steel Design
  • Steel Hardware
  • Custom Colors Available for an Upgrade

Full View Section Width:
Available up to 24’ wide

Full View Glass:
1⁄8” non-insulated, 1⁄4” non-insulated or 7⁄16” insulated

Prefinished with polyester coat over polyurethane primer

Steel hardware formed from heavy gauge galvanized steel for smooth operation

2” or 3” with vertical track attached to wood jambs and horizontal track attached to steel angle. Superior lifting ability exceeds industry specification standards.

Custom Options:
Custom colors, extended cycle springs, special tracks, insulation with polybacker, hardboard or steel backers. Please consult with Arm-R-Lite regarding these custom options.

1.01 – General Information:
Sectional overhead doors shall be supplied by Arm-R-Lite. Doors shall be constructed of prefinished galvanized steel.

2.01 – Sections:
Section shall be roll formed of commercial quality galvanized cold-rolled steel. The exterior surface shall be roll-formed with two U-shaped deep ribs and three small “pencil” ribs to provide strength and minimize surface imperfections. The horizontal meeting edges of each section shall be formed of heavy galvanized steel. End stiles shall be box shaped and center stiles shall be hat shaped. All stiles shall be attached to the section with aircraft type “pop” rivets at points of contact, (i.e. face and return bends). Thickness of each section shall be 2” minimum.

2.02 – Track:
2” or 3” track shall be manufactured from heavy gauge galvanized steel. Vertical track shall be attached to wood jambs with adjustable brackets or continuous angle. Horizontal track shall be reinforced with heavy galvanized steel angle.

2.03 – Hardware:
Hardware shall be heavy gauge galvanized steel. Rollers shall have a continuous steel rim, encasing ten hardened ¼” diameter steel ball bearings. All hinges, brackets and fixtures shall be attached securely to the stiles with ¼” diameter thread forming bolts. Pre-punched and extruded holes in the stiles shall allow 100% bolt/thread engagement for superior holding power.

2.04 – Finish:
Prefinished section material shall be chemically cleaned before application of polyurethane primer followed by a polyester coating on the face side and a polyester coating on the inside. Custom powdercoat options are available for an upgrade.

2.05 – Reinforcing Struts:
Struts shall be supplied one per section on all ribbed steel doors over 13’-2” wide up to and including 18’-2” wide. Doors over 18’-2” wide shall have one additional strut plus trusses supplied on alternating struts. All ribbed steel doors over 15’-2” wide shall have double end stiles, double roller hinges and long stem rollers.

2.06 – Counterbalance:
Counterbalance shall be oil tempered, helical wound, torsion springs. Springs shall be engineered to comply with requirements of DASMA specifications 10,000 cycle minimum. Lift cables shall be aircraft quality with a minimum safety factor as required in DASMA specifications.

2.07 – Glazing:

  • Full vision aluminum sections are available – any quantity or combination
  • Unique welded construction
  • Standard aluminum anodized with clear coat – custom colors available for an upgrade
  • Industry’s strongest construction
  • If full view is not required, 24” x 6” lites are available, single glazed


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