Rolling Fire Doors

Dependable automatic closings because of simplicity of design.

Our designs have eliminated impact of release mechanism parts to assure years of frequent testing without costly maintenance or repair.

Cookson Fire Doors are the most effective way of protecting property while increasing safety for building occupants.

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Purpose of a Fire Door

Protect property by limiting damage in case of fire.
Make a building safer to occupy.
Close an opening in a fire wall.

Fire Door Actuation

In order to limit damage caused by fire, Cookson recommends that all fire doors be actuated by smoke detectors or building alarm systems. Cookson’s Auto-Test™ Fire Door Products Systems have been specifically designed for smoke detector or building alarm actuation.

Cookson Leads in Fire Door Technology

Cookson’s Auto-Test FDO-B Motor Operated Fire Door System offers maximum reliability and durability at a cost effective price.

Fully automatic resetting fire door.

Test key switch makes it easy to test door.

Built-in battery prevents door closing during power failure unless there is an alarm activation.

During power failure, the door can be closed and stopped using the close control switch.

Governing system limits closing speed to 9″ per second

A Fire Door for Every Occasion:

  • Governor controls automatic closing speed to 9″ to 12” per second for Auto-Test chain, crank, and motor and Simple-Test chain and crank operated doors
  • Oil tempered torsion springs designed for 50,000 life cycles
  • Structural Angle Guides and Bottom Bar make doors less vulnerable to damage that could prevent the doors from fully closing
  • Available for 4 hour, 3 hour, 1-1/2 hour and 3/4 hour ratings
  • Approved for all wall types (concrete, masonry, structural steel, structural steel with gypsum board)
  • Auto-Test Doors automatically reset to normal operation upon clearing of alarm signal and/or restoration of power
  • Simple-Test Doors are reset by replacing the fuselink
  • Auto-Test and Simple-Test Doors do not release spring tension upon activation
  • Testing doors in fully closed position will not damage mechanisms
  • FinalCote Finish Standard. ColorCote, Custom ColorCote and Stainless Steel finish available

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Model Number: FD-P, FD-2S, FD-2A, FD-3S, FD-3A, FDO-S, FDO-A, FDO-B


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